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Services and Rates


$34 per Day (Daycare Packages Available)

AM Drop Off

Weekdays: 7-9:30 am
Sat, Sun & Major Holidays: 9-9:30 am

PM Pick Up

Weekdays: 3-6 pm 
Sat, Sun & Major Holidays: 5-6 pm


All must be dog friendly and people friendly.


The following vaccines are required for all daycare pups: Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper and Influenza.  

Flea Control

All must be on a flea/tick prevention.

Daycare Process

Not all pups are the same; some were born to party while some can be shy and/or lack confidence. We find that understanding your pup individually helps us plan their introduction on their first day. The ultimate goal is to set them up for success.

If your pup is dog friendly/people friendly, sign up below & we will follow up to discuss our daycare process.

Daycare Sign-Up


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