Comfortable Accommodations for Your Beloved Pet: Best Pet Boarding in Abington

Looking for the best pet boarding in Abington? Happy Dog Pet Resort offers comfortable accommodations for your beloved pet. With a homestyle feel, outdoor play area, and cage-free monitoring, your furry friend will feel right at home.

Drop off and pick up services are scheduled for your convenience. Come see why we are the top choice for pet care in Abington and surrounding areas.

Your pet deserves the best – choose Happy Dog Pet Resort today!

The Homestyle Feel: Happy Dog Pet Resort in Abington

When considering the ideal pet boarding facility for your furry friend in Abington, you’ll appreciate Happy Dog Pet Resort’s focus on providing ample outdoor play areas. They prioritize active monitoring and personalized care to ensure your pet feels comfortable and secure during their stay.

Their streamlined daycare and boarding processes aim to make drop-offs and pickups hassle-free, while client testimonials and feedback consistently highlight the exceptional service provided at Happy Dog Pet Resort.

Outdoor Play Areas

Explore the outdoor play areas where your furry friend can run and play to their heart’s content at our pet boarding facility in Abington.

Our dog boarding in Abington offers cage-free boarding, ensuring your pet has ample space to roam and socialize. Let them enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while engaging in fun activities with other dogs.

Your beloved companion will have a tail-wagging good time in our secure, supervised outdoor play areas.

Monitoring and Care

Our team ensures that furry friends receive attentive care and constant monitoring while enjoying their time at our pet boarding facility.

When your pet stays with us, they can expect:

  • Daily exercise.
  • Personalized attention from our experienced staff members.

Rest assured, your pet will be well taken care of during their stay with us!

Daycare and Boarding Processes

At our facility, furry friends enjoy a range of activities and services during their stay.

Our boarding kennels offer cozy accommodations for your pet to relax in, while our dog daycare provides fun playtime and socialization opportunities.

We prioritize top-notch pet care, ensuring that your beloved companion receives the attention and comfort they deserve throughout their time with us.

Client Testimonials and Feedback

Customers have been sharing positive experiences and feedback about their time at our facility. 

Here’s why they love our boarding services for dogs:

  • Spacious indoor kennels: Your boarding dog will have ample room to move around.
  • Secure outdoor play area: Our dog boarding in Abington includes supervised fun in a safe environment.
  • Caring pet sitters: Trained staff members provide personalized attention to each furry guest.
  • Regular updates: Stay informed with photos and messages about your pet’s stay.

Outdoor Dog Care Play Area

When considering an outdoor dog care play area, you’ll appreciate the variety of play yard sizes available at Happy Dog Pet Resort in Abington.

Tailored playgroup interactions ensure that your furry friend receives personalized attention and socialization during their stay.

The facility also prioritizes health and behavior monitoring, implementing a trial daycare requirement before full-time enrollment and offering a flexible drop-off/pick-up schedule for your convenience.

Play Yard Size Variety

The play yard sizes at our pet boarding facility cater to a variety of activity levels for your furry friend.

When you choose our kennels, your pet can enjoy:

  • Spacious areas for running and playing
  • Secure fencing for safety during playtime
  • Shaded spots to relax on sunny days
  • Interactive toys for mental stimulation

Your pet will have a blast in our daycare facilities!

Tailored Playgroup Interactions

Tailored playgroup interactions in our facility ensure that each furry friend receives personalized attention and care. Our doggy daycare offers a unique experience where experienced dog sitters in Abington engage with your pet in activities catered to their needs.

From socializing with other pups to one-on-one play sessions, we prioritize the well-being of your pet. Trust us for exceptional dog care that keeps tails wagging happily.

Health and Behavior Monitoring

Now that your furry friend has enjoyed tailored playgroup interactions, it’s essential to ensure their well-being during their stay. Our top-notch pet care includes comprehensive health and behavior monitoring.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Regular exercise routines
  • Behavior assessments by trained professionals
  • Prompt medical attention if needed

Trial Daycare Requirement

Before scheduling your trial daycare visit, be sure to review our vaccination requirements. We prioritize safety and health in our dog care services.

During the trial, your furry friend will experience expert supervision and engage in activities with other pups. Our top-notch facilities ensure a comfortable stay, akin to luxury dog kennels.

Your pet’s well-being and happiness are our utmost priorities at the best pet boarding in Abington.

Flexible Drop-Off/Pick-Up Schedule

When dropping off or picking up your furry friend, you can enjoy the flexibility of Happy Dog Pet Resort to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Here’s what makes our schedule stand out:

  • Weekend boarding for extended stays.
  • Emergency pick-up arrangements for unexpected situations.

Human Interaction Emphasis

Experience the personal touch with our team members who prioritize building relationships and engaging with you during your furry friend’s stay.

We believe in creating a warm environment where human interaction plays a crucial role in providing excellent care for your beloved pets while they are with us.

Cage-Free Boarding Monitoring and Care

When considering cage-free boarding for your furry friend, you can expect safe playgroup interactions where your pet can socialize in a secure environment.

A continuous health monitoring system ensures that your pet’s well-being is always a top priority, giving you peace of mind while they enjoy their stay.

The trial day requirement and flexible drop-off/pick-up schedules cater to your convenience and provide a seamless experience for both you and your beloved companion.

Safe Playgroup Interactions

We ensure your pet has a positive experience by monitoring their interactions during playgroup sessions.

Continuous Health Monitoring System

As your pet enjoys safe playgroup interactions, our continuous health monitoring system ensures their well-being. Through attentive staff, we keep a close eye on your beloved companion’s health.

From regular check-ups to immediate response protocols, rest assured that your pet’s safety and comfort are our top priorities. With us, you can relax knowing that every aspect of your pet’s stay is carefully monitored for optimal care.

Trial Day Requirement Explained

Rest assured, our trial day requirement provides a smooth introduction for your furry friend to acclimate to our facilities and staff before their extended stay.


  • Your pet exploring the cozy sleeping area.
  • Wagging tails meeting new friends in the play area.
  • Enjoying delicious treats during snack time.
  • Receiving gentle pets and cuddles from our caring team members throughout the day.

Flexible Drop-Off/Pick-Up Schedules

You can easily adjust drop-off and pick-up times to fit your schedule, making it convenient for you to plan around your day.

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing from a range of times that work best for you and your furry friend.

Getting Acquainted with Our Boarding Services

When selecting a playgroup for your pet, you’ll want to consider their personality and energy level to ensure a good fit.

Our daycare and boarding requirements prioritize safety, cleanliness, and comfort for all furry guests.

We strictly adhere to medication administration guidelines provided by pet owners to maintain consistency in their care routine while staying with us.

Playgroup Selection Process

Choosing the right playgroup for your pet can help ensure they have a positive experience during their stay at our facility.

We place dogs into playgroups by taking into consideration:

  • Size: Small groups allow personalized attention.
  • Activity Level: We match your pet’s energy level with other dogs for optimal fun.
  • Special Needs: We accommodate any specific requirements or preferences.
  • Socialization: We encourage interaction with compatible playmates to foster social skills and reduce anxiety.

Daycare and Boarding Requirements

For a smooth daycare and boarding experience, make sure to check the drop-off and pick-up times in advance. Arriving on time ensures your pet’s seamless transition into their temporary home.

Make sure to pack all necessary items such as food, medications, favorite toys, and bedding to keep your furry friend comfortable during their stay.

Following these simple guidelines will help guarantee a stress-free experience for both you and your pet.

Medication Administration Guidelines

When entrusting your pet’s care to us, we make sure to follow any medication administration guidelines you give us.

Here’s what we need to know:

  • Proper Dosage: Ensure the right amount is provided.
  • Clear Instructions: Include detailed directions with medication.
  • Medication Schedule: Communicate the prescribed times for administering.
  • Special Handling: Note any specific requirements for storage or application.

Feeding Routines and Instructions

Establishing a consistent feeding routine is crucial for maintaining your pet’s health and well-being. Make sure to feed your furry friend at the same time each day, using the correct portion sizes and food types recommended by your veterinarian.

Avoid sudden changes in their diet to prevent digestive issues. Providing fresh water throughout the day is also essential for keeping your pet hydrated and healthy.

Pet Care Drop-Off and Pick-Up

When bringing your furry friend to our facility, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of our drop-off schedules that cater to your convenience.

Before checking in, ensure you have a detailed behavior evaluation handy to help us provide the best care possible.

Additionally, don’t forget to bring along all necessary health and vaccination records for the well-being of all pets in our care; we also offer medication administration and feeding rest based on your pet’s specific needs.

Flexible Drop-Off Schedules Available

You’ll find flexible drop-off schedules available at our pet boarding facility in Abington.


  • Arriving early in the morning, dropping off your furry friend hassle-free.
  • Easily schedule pick-ups to fit your busy day.
  • Weekend availability ensures convenience for weekend getaways or last-minute trips.

Detailed Behavior Evaluation Required

To ensure a smooth experience, we need to conduct a detailed behavior evaluation for all furry guests before their stay. By understanding your pet’s habits and preferences, we can tailor their boarding experience to provide the most comfort and care.

This evaluation helps us create a personalized plan that meets your pet’s needs, ensuring they feel safe and happy during their time with us at the best pet boarding in Abington.

Health and Vaccination Requirements

Make sure your furry friend is up to date on all vaccinations and meets our health requirements before their stay with us.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Vaccination records must be provided upon check-in.
  • Pets should be free from contagious illnesses.
  • Regular flea and tick prevention is essential.
  • We prioritize the well-being of all pets in our care.

Medication Administration and Meals

When administering medication, we ensure your pet’s meals are given according to the provided instructions. Consistency is key in maintaining their health while boarding.

We follow dosing schedules diligently and monitor food intake to avoid any issues. Communicate any special dietary needs or restrictions to the staff.

Serving Abington and Surrounding Areas

You’ll find our pet boarding services conveniently located for those in Abington and the surrounding areas.

When you visit, expect:

  • A welcoming reception area with friendly staff to greet you and your furry friend.
  • Spacious and cozy kennels equipped with comfy bedding for a good night’s sleep.
  • Secure outdoor play areas where your pet can frolic and stretch their legs.
  • Regular updates on your pet’s well-being to keep you worry-free during your time away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any breed restrictions for boarding at Happy Dog Pet Resort in Abington?

At Happy Dog Pet Resort in Abington, there are no breed restrictions. Your furry friend will be welcomed with open arms, ensuring a comfortable stay for all pets regardless of their breed.

Can I schedule a tour of the outdoor dog care play area before booking a stay for my pet?

Yes, you can tour our outdoor dog care play area before booking your pet’s stay. It’s essential to ensure the environment suits your furry friend. Contact us today to arrange a trial day!

How often are pets monitored during cage-free boarding at Happy Dog Pet Resort?

Pets are monitored regularly during cage-free boarding at Happy Dog Pet Resort. They’re checked on frequently to ensure their safety and well-being. You can trust that your furry friend will receive attentive care throughout their stay.

What types of activities are available for pets to participate in while staying at the facility?

While staying at the facility, your pet can enjoy various activities such as group playtime, individual walks, interactive toys for mental stimulation, and cozy nap times. Rest assured that there’s something fun for every furry friend!

Is there a limit to how many pets can be accommodated at one time at Happy Dog Pet Resort in Abington?

Yes, there is a limit to how many pets can be accommodated at Happy Dog Pet Resort in Abington. They strive to provide personalized care, so it’s important to book early for your furry friend’s stay.


You’ve found the perfect place for your furry friend at Happy Dog Pet Resort in Abington. With our homestyle feel, outdoor play area, and cage-free monitoring, your pet will feel right at home.

Trust us to provide top-notch care while you’re away. Simply drop off and pick up your pet with ease.

Serving Abington and surrounding areas, we are here to make sure your beloved pet has a comfortable and happy stay.

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